As a fan of Yotam Ottolenghi’s cookbooks “Plenty” and “Jerusalem”, I couldn’t wait to eat at one of his brick and mortar establishments on a recent trip to London.


The one I went to in the Belgravia neighborhood was a deli of sorts with lots of salads, main dishes and desserts beautifully displayed on platters and baskets across a long counter.


It was hard to choose but eventually we selected grilled eggplant smeared with parsley yogurt, roasted peppers tossed with fresh peas and basil, quinoa and basmati rice with broad beans and a shower of herbaceous dill and crispy cauliflower fritters with a creamy dipping sauce.


Everything was sensually appealing from the bright colors of each dish served on tomato red plates to the flavor explosions in every mouthful. Leaves of parsley, dill, basil, mint and chives added to the liveliness of the presentation and taste of each salad.

We couldn’t pass up dessert after viewing the mini mountains of raspberry and black currant meringues and salted caramel brittle. Delicious!




Check out the Ottolenghi cookbooks for inspiration; they have unusual ideas and interesting flavor combinations that will make you a fan too.

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