Recently I was with my friend Karen Diggs, a fermenting guru, and she shared that she eats a little sauerkraut with every meal. I thought that was kind of extreme, but Karen believes in the healthful benefits of fermented foods so much that she invented this cool device called Kraut Source, which makes it easy and convenient to get fermenting using a wide mouth Mason jar. I decided to give it a try making pickles with the last of the small cucumbers of summer. First I made a brine using the recipe on the Kraut Source site and let that cool, then started packing the cukes, dill, spices, garlic and peppers into the jar:


Next the Kraut Source device went on and was locked in place:


Finally, the lid went over the top and I added water to the moat to help keep bacteria out:


The pickles went into a cabinet in the kitchen for 7 days. I had tried making pickles before with somewhat moldy and mushy results; Karen’s invention solved that problem by keeping the ingredients below the brine. Another suggestion she gave is to add loose tea leaves to the bottom of the jar of pickles to prevent sogginess.

After 7 days, the pickles were ready. They were garlicky and sour and crunchy, just like the best deli pickles:


Check out the Kraut Source site so you can sign up and get one of these useful and amazing devices once production is underway. In the meantime, read this post by Karen on 10 reasons to eat lacto-fermented foods.



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  1. alison mcquade says:

    Great post!

    Ps I have chutney for you – both kinds!!!

  2. alison mcquade says:

    Would you like it? Chutney that is?

    On Monday, November 10, 2014, alison mcquade wrote:

    > Great post! > > Ps I have chutney for you – both kinds!!! >

    1. Absolutely!!! How have you been?

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