The title for this blog was suggested by a friend who has been the recipient of too many apples from trees in and around my yard. Throughout the year, there are too many lemons, oranges, plums, zucchini, tomatoes, winter squash and more in my kitchen and I can’t wait to create recipes using these ingredients.  Too Many Apples is a place to share my passions for cooking, gardening and being inspired by the world around me. I am fueled by what I find at the local farmers market and by what is growing right outside my back door.

I am a writer and recipe consultant based in Marin County, California. I have a zest for local culture and learning about the history and heritage of foods, which sparks my writing and recipe work.

For the past nine years I’ve written a food column for a regional newspaper that includes seasonal recipes I’ve researched and developed. I created a special publication, published annually, that is devoted to local food in the county and also do capsule restaurant reviews and feature stories about food and life in the Bay Area. You can read more of my work at:  The Pacific Sun,   The Northbay Bohemian,   Zester Daily

As a recipe consultant, I have worked with acclaimed chefs in testing, editing and developing recipes for their upcoming cookbooks and for use in magazines. Most recently I worked with Food Network Chef, Cat Cora on Classics with a Twist (published 2010), and award-winning author Marie Simmons on Things Cooks Love (published 2008) .


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