Surprising Herring is Sustainable and Delicious

On a recent Friday night, several of us gathered at the Billingsgate Seafood School here in London for a workshop on herring. The school is a wonderful resource for people in the seafood trade and chefs in training as well as home cooks and consumers. Headed by C.J. Jackson, the school offers a bounty of…

Great Taste Awards

Awards season is underway here in London – and I don’t mean for film, theatre or song – but for food! The Great Taste judging just wrapped up after several months of tasting. Over 500 judges in two locations tried some 12,0000 products in a wide spectrum of categories; one, two and three stars were…

Home Sweet Home

What is home? Is it a place or a person, a feeling or an emotion, a smell or a taste? Sometimes living this expat life it can be hard to determine what is home. Even though I have one here in London I get homesick for the people, places, smells, tastes and comforts of California….

A Flower by Any Other Name

My current produce obsession is with sprout flowers, a.k.a. kalettes or kale sprouts. This hybrid of Brussels sprouts and kale was introduced to England in 2010; each adorable flower is the size of a sprout with ruffly leaves surrounding a tightly closed bud. They grow on stalks like Brussels sprouts but the ruffles give them…

Sustainable Fish

It all started with a pack of wild Alaskan salmon I bought at my local Waitrose grocery store. My first reaction was shock at seeing sockeye from the U.S. west coast way over here in London. My second reaction was surprise at how cheap the price was – a bargain at 6.99GBP for two portions….